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Feel Your Feels

Feel Your Feels embodies the concept of emotional awareness through tangible, everyday expressions.

Proudly wearing our emotions

The task was to design a unisex t-shirt that not only visually represents the phrase "feel your feels" but also inherently promotes emotional awareness and connection with one's mind and body. The challenge was to capture this deep and introspective message in a design that appeals to a broad audience and encourages them to embrace a wide range of emotions. Drawing on our familiarity with Catherine's style and her audience's preferences, we delved into a vibrant brainstorming session. The result was a funky, playful, and retro-inspired t-shirt design that encapsulates the essence of 'Feeling Your Feels.' The centerpiece of the design, a melting smiley face, artistically represents the ebb and flow of emotions – acknowledging them, feeling them fully, yet understanding their transient nature. This design not only captures the spirit of empowering the mind and embracing emotions but also does so in a way that is approachable and relatable, making a profound concept fun and accessible to everyone.
words of affirmation

"Zehn perfectly encapsulated the energy & vibe that I wanted to convey in FYF and I couldn't be happier"


Founder of Feel your Feels
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