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Through the Woods

Through The Woods Psychotherapy is a client-centric online psychotherapy practice dedicated to providing accessible, flexible, and trustworthy mental health support.

Forging a new path

Michelle approached us to elevate her self-created online presence to a professional level, reflecting the new phase of her business. Facing the dual challenges of a trademark dispute and a recent relocation, she needed a distinctive brand identity that would not only stand out but also build recognition in her new area. Her goals included increasing appointment bookings and client inquiries, making a revamped brand and website essential for her marketing efforts. Building on the solid foundation of Through The Woods Psychotherapy, we focused on enhancing its identity to resonate with clients seeking a dependable, long-term psychotherapy practice. The new branding incorporates elements like the sun, symbolizing hope and positivity, and a winding path through the woods, reflecting the healing journey of psychotherapy. The tree represents growth and stability, echoing the practice’s commitment to supporting clients through their mental health journey. The typography we chose conveys professionalism and reliability while remaining approachable, aligning with the practice’s ethos of high-quality, supportive care. This refreshed brand and website design not only encapsulates the practice's unique approach to therapy but also positions Through The Woods Psychotherapy as a guiding light for those seeking mental health support.
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