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Imrama is a unique wellness space, a sanctuary for community healing and practitioner collaboration, offering an authentic and expansive environment.

Diving into spiritual depths

Vichika's vision for Imrama was to create a secondary brand to her main reiki healing offering, focusing on a more profound level of healing beyond conventional methods. She wanted to establish a space where individuals could feel safe, nurtured, and heard—a haven for those on a journey to rediscover wholeness. The challenge was to capture this essence in a brand identity that resonated with both practitioners and those seeking healing. To embody Imrama's essence, we crafted a mystical and ethereal brand identity that feels sacred, peaceful, wise, and expansive. The distinct logo, a harmonious blend of symbolic elements, captures the core of Imrama's mission. It features a life-giving sun, an energy-conducting pyramid within a portal-like circle, flanked by crescent moons symbolizing new beginnings and growth, all anchored by the eye's wisdom. This logo is more than a mere visual representation; it's a subtle yet powerful invitation to a journey of deeper consciousness and wellbeing. The design was crafted to resonate deeply with those well-versed in the spiritual wellness sphere, while also evoking a strong emotional response from newcomers. It's a sophisticated visual language that speaks to the heart of Imrama's mission, inviting engagement and exploration from a diverse audience with the same goal: to achieve inner healing.
words of affirmation

"What sets Zehn apart is not just their professional expertise but also their warmth and approachability. Throughout the collaboration, they made the entire journey feel effortless. Their friendly demeanor and open communication created an environment where ideas flowed seamlessly. They are also specialists in the wellness and healing space and understand the niche well. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue working with Vanessa and Amanda on future projects. Their commitment to excellence and the ease with which they navigate the technical and creative process make them invaluable assets. If you're seeking a talented, professional yet personable team for your website and branding needs, look no further. Highly recommended!"


reiki master teacher + sound healer
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